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Reality. Many years ago I had a renter named George Tagalicud. He saw me training one day and mentioned he had Bahalana friends. These were down line students of GM Leo Giron who was one of the primary FMA teachers here in Stockton. I liked Mang Leo. I had many conversations with him when he visited the restaurant which was attached to our training hall located at one time here in Stockton. He was a very much a gentleman and understood why his students were so loyal to him and his art. One day two of Leo’s student’s who knew my tenant came visiting. When I drove up my driveway to my back house George wanted to introduce me to his friends. Somehow we grabbed sticks to share. George had said they were beginners and I determined to go easy on them. Surprise! They hit like horses kicking. My very first block and my stick was jarred hard in my hand. I had been teaching beginners for a while and just wasn’t prepared for the power these two ‘beginners’ could put out. They were already capable of self defense. This event was how I discovered the hard hitting philosophy of Bahala na first hand. I didn’t return hard hits back. I knew they weren’t trying to harm me or show me up. They just hit hard period. I was very impressed with Leo’s beginning students. Many times we do not see realistic hard hitting in FMA during regular practice. Since that day I’ve attended several graduation ceremonies where Bahala na graduating students had to get tested by dealing with a bunch of hard hits in order to graduate. Bumps and blood are a regular part of becoming a graduate of Bahala na. I tip my hat to Bahala na training. When their students get their certificate they will have earned them. They’ll pay their dues to become graduates and are accepted into their family as warriors.

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